Educational frames for children ages 3-6 managed by foreign caregivers inside Tel- Aviv municipality kindergartens.

Today there are 24 Afterschool Programs operating in municipal kindergartens in the city's south where there is a large concentration of children from the foreign community. Now, over 800 children are being offered a continuous, nurturing and enriching environment and they are spared spending time at the crowded, neglectful "babysitters". 


From the age of three, children in the foreign community are eligible for municipal preschools and kindergartens. They are usually placed in municipal preschools and kindergartens in the southern part of town, near their homes, creating a situation in which entire clusters of municipal preschools and kindergartens are populated 100% by children of foreign extraction (Filipinos, Africans, and Eastern Europeans). At the end of the school day at 14:00, without an afterschool program, most of the children are picked up by drivers and taken to the nearby "babysitters," where they are forced to spend afterschool and evening hours with infants and toddlers until their parents pick them up, late in the evening. This intolerable situation and the increasing demand by parents for their children to be placed in Unitaf day care centers have led to a decision to establish programs from 14:00 until evening hours, following dismissal from the municipal preschools and kindergartens, according to the model of the afterschool programs established by social service departments which operate in municipal preschools and kindergartens during afternoon hours.


In July 2010, in cooperation with Tel-Aviv Municipality's education department and thanks to a generous contribution by the Farenhaut-Goldwasser family, Yonatan Afterschool Program was established, providing a solution for 35 children from the community, who remain in preschool/kindergarten from afternoon hours until the evening. The children enjoy a rich educational environment, activities and programs, and they also receive a hot lunch and snack in the late afternoon. Similar to the day care programs, the afterschool programs are run by caregivers from the foreign community with Unitaf's supervision, guidance, and instruction. Similar to the day care programs, the children in the afterschool programs receive psychosocial guidance and care, helping them and their families with different needs.