Our Staff

Completed her BA in Social Work and MA in Public Policy. Before joining Unitaf she worked as the head of at risk children and youth and as coordinator for asylum seekers activities at Mesila. Ofira has extensive experience in community development, and for several years worked with Ethiopian leadership groups, single mothers, asylum seekers and immigrants, as well as being active in "Koah LaOvdim", a labor union.


​Ofira Ben Shlomo

Completed her first degree in pedagogic education and a MA in Education with a focus on training teachers, both in São Paulo, Brazil. Joined Unitaf in 2016, bringing with her extensive experience as school manager in Brazil for at-risk children. 

Head of Home Nurseries Program

Mariana Antoniuk

Belongs to the congregation of the sisters of Perpetual help Sri Lanka. In 2007 she achieved her diploma for preschool education  and has been working in the field since. Upon completing a special education course, Sister spent 3 years in a special needs school for deaf students. Prior to coming to Israel, Sister was a Preschool Principal. Since joining  in January 2018, she has forged strong bonds with staff and children.

Lead Teacher for home nurseries

 Sister Anusha

Completed her first degree in special education and and education advising as well as an African studies special track at Tel Aviv university. She worked in different frameworks for children with special needs and worked in Ethiopia for two years as an education coordinator.

Special Needs Coordinator

Irit Feingold

Completed a degree in geography and east Asian Studies  Hebrew University. Has a lot of experience working with  children at risk. In the military served as an educator and later worked as enducation counselor at  Kibbutz Mezer.

Coordinator of Falkira after school clubs

Adi Rotem

Prior to deciding to fulfill her national service at Unitaf she spent a year volunteering on the fundraising team. Completed a three month volunteer trip in Uganda where she worked alongside the local community .

Home nurseries and fundraising 

Simone Lang

 Yael has been a part of the Unitaf family for many years. She completed her first degree in education at the Hebrew University followed by a MA from the Schwartz Program in early childhood. Prior to joining Unitaf Yael worked with at risk populations including running a arab- jewish multi purpose daycare center .

Deputy Director

Yael Geula

 Completed a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and African Studies at Tel Aviv University.

She brings extensive experience from working for more than six years in foreign communities in south Tel Aviv, including Mesila, where she was a community worker at  the center for trafficking survival.

Head of After School Club Program

Tamar Kedem

Gali has been working with Unitaf for several years, in other program areas.  She came to the home nursery program in October. She has a background in occupational therapy, which she utilizes a great deal in her work with the children in our community.  She holds an MA from the Schwartz Program in early childhood education at the Hebrew University.

Pedagogic Instructor.

Gali Visoker

Prior to completing a Social Work degree at Tel Aviv University, she spent two years in an special needs home. Upon completing her degree she spent a year partnering with Tevel where she worked as a social worker in Nepal. 

Social Worker and Fundraising Coordinator

Efrat Frank

Completed her degree in social work at the Hebrew University. Since then she has gained experience working in welfare and at multi purpose kindergarten in Holon. Additionally worked with kids at risk in Jerusalem.

Head of Tahana Merkazit frameworks

Sarai Schvimer

Completed a BA in literature and education followed by a degree in preschool education. She gained experience  working as preschool teacher for eight years. For the last five years, two in Unitaf,  she has worked as a pedagogical guide and a parents group guide.

Pedagogical guide

Adi Vega