Day Care 

UNITAF's day care centers provides safe and warm educational environment, helping babies and children to reach their full development.

The first day care center for children of migrant workers was opened in 2005 in the Hatikvah neighborhood in south Tel Aviv, under the initiative and assistance of the Tel- Aviv Municipality. Today, we provide a warm environment for over 450 infants and toddlers.

Hagra Day Care Center was opened in December 2016 as part of the Israeli government's foreign aid program. It's located in the heart of the Neve Shaanan neighborhood and provides 8 classes for 244 girls and boys from 3 months to 3 years old.

In September 2017, the central bus station nursery was reopened after undergoing renovations, and now provides services for over 100 children aged one and a half to three. There is an ongoing need in the neighborhood for more classrooms. 

Unitaf's day care centers are run by caregivers and teachers from the foreign community, who in the past had operated "babysitting" businesses in their private homes until they moved with the children to Unitaf's structures. Volunteers have joined the caregivers and teachers from the foreign community, and together they form a staff working under close educational supervision. The day care centers are under the non-profit's administration, and the teachers have an operating contract, obligating them to adhere to appropriate standards for child care (non-use of violent methods, proper child-caregiver ratios in the classroom, hours of the center's operation, etc.). Unitaf's day care centers and afterschool programs provide an all-inclusive social environment in addition to care giving, and thus, essentially constitute a central, vital factor in the lives of the children and their families. As members of the foreign community, most of Unitaf's children come from families with a complex profile, and accordingly, the therapeutic perspective involves the child and family as a whole. The families whose children are educated at Unitaf, receive comprehensive psychosocial treatment relating to ongoing issues such as assistance in access to services, health insurance and medical diagnostic services, as well as in emergency situations (violence, neglect, imprisonment or deportation of one of the parents). In Unitaf day care centers, parent committees operate, made up of representatives of the parents of the children in the different programs. The committee was established in order to increase parental cooperation in Unitaf's activities, and today, committee members collaborate with the professional staff to further Unitaf's goals and also assist in disseminating information and imposing the standardization we aspire to in the neighborhoods' "babysitters."


Today, over 450 children, ages birth to 3 years, enjoy being in Unitaf's day care centers. The day care centers are full and have no vacancies, and many other children are on waiting lists to enter our facilities.