The Yehuda Tribitch Foundation for Social Involvement 


The Foundation was established in 2004 with the objective of helping populations in Israel that are not supported by the Israeli government.  The Foundation was established by a group of young Israelis who decided to help young children who are status-less, and to establish frameworks that can provide educational and welfare services for them.  Yehuda Tribitch was a family man who fought in the IDF during the establishment of the State. He was very active in helping the needy because he believed in a just and equal Israel.  The association was established in the spirit of his beliefs and with the goal of perpetuating them.


The Foundation’s Board of Directors


Mrs. Liat Ron – Chairwoman of the Association


Mrs. Aliza Olmert – Honorary and leading member of the operations committee for status-less children


Mr. Yaakov Tribitch


Mr. Tzachi Lipka


Mr. Joseph Irani


Mrs. Osnat Hadad


Mrs. Sigal Greenbaum