Humans of Unitaf

The best way to gain insight on the work we do and the community we work with is to meet the individuals, to put a face on them, hear their voices. Inspired by the viral blog Humans of New York, we present you Humans of Unitaf.

My husband went to Sudan to work and Arabs forcefully took him to Israel. I wanted my husband, that’s why I came.”


...In our drinking water there was benzine. Benzine from cars. They did it on purpose so that people wouldn’t drink a lot, they didn’t want to waste water. But my four year old daughter would drink a lot. When I tried to take the benzine water away from my four year old daughter she didn’t understand.


I’m not mad at the people that added benzine to the water anymore because nothing happened to my children. That is why I’m happy. God bless us.”


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* Photography credit - Hofit Rauchberger