Unitaf’s nurseries offer a chance for foreign women workers to receive training and support and run a home based care facility.

The long waiting list for Unitaf's daycare program and the deteriorating situation in the community's "babysitters" motivated Unitaf to create an appropriate solution for the community's children. Establishing a daycare center is a complex project that involves many different actors, and therefore, we decided on an alternate solution: a family daycare project.


Our objective in creating a Unitaf family nursery is to create new and intimate framework that will allow foreign women to operate home nurseries that are in accordance with Israeli standards. The nurseries will be operated by caregivers who have undergone professional training by Unitaf and they receive guidance from Unitaf's social workers who advise them in all areas including infrastructure, equipment and appropriate nutrition. The caregivers receive weekly instruction, provided by trained instructors, and they are an integral part of Unitaf's overall staff.


The first family day care program opened in September 2014, in conjunction with the Catholic church in south Tel Aviv. Since then, 9 additional nurseries have opened and we are in the midst of training additional caregivers who will open family day care programs in their homes.

Today, there are 10 Nurseries operating in Unitaf, serving 70 status-less children.