Individual and group training  with respect for the native cultures while obtaining Israeli standards.



In Unitaf, we believe that every child has the right to be in an educational framework that provides him/her with all his/her needs to develop properly and to achieve his/her full potential.  We attempt to reinforce the educational/therapeutic staff and that, at this time, involves studying and enriching knowledge.


Unitaf care-givers are status-less women who come from Africa and Asia.  These women have little or no background in educational care of children. In order to bridge the chasms of knowledge and cultures, we provide them with educational tools that can be used on a daily basis in their work with children.

Unitaf’s training model is based upon on-the-job training through modeling and ongoing dialogue with the care-givers.  The guiding thread throughout the training is a holistic approach that covers all of the areas of the lives of the child and his/her family.  The care-givers learn about developmental needs required in early childhood, how to create qualitative interaction with the children, how to organize an educational environment, prepare a daily schedule, create the best emotional climate in the pre-school, etc.


Unitaf care-givers undertake to work in accordance with the rules and standards of our educational frameworks.  They study the profession in an on-the-job situation, with the assistance of the directors and the organization’s educational instruction team.  In addition to individual supervision, the care-givers undergo training throughout the whole year, as well as attend seminars and professional courses dealing with their daily work.


As part of the organization’s educational vision, we believe that the connection with children’s parents, a connection based upon trust, open communication, and ensuring that rules are being followed, social welfare assistance and training provided for parents constitute an integral part of the educational system for very young children.  Through the connection with the parents, we succeed in creating a system of relationships and support that helps realize the personal potential of the children and their proper development.