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September 12, 2014

Beyond the closed door – a peek into the heart of Tel Aviv's foreign community


Tel-Aviv is a vibrant, busy metropolis and pluralism and tolerance are emblazoned on its banner along with endless striving for entertainment, stimuli, and experiences.

In the heart of the colorful, lively action, the community of migrants and asylum seekers posses a texture of life that is crowded and complex and hidden.

These men, women, and children, fled their disaster-torn homelands and now reside in Tel-Aviv, yearning for a normalcy that will allow them to survive.

When a migrant or asylum seeker is asked why he left his homeland, one of the common replies is his concern for his children's future.

Many parents chose to expose themselves and their children to the dangers involved in leaving Africa, through the deserts in Sudan and Egypt to Israel, out of a desire to insure their children's future.

And we, in Unitaf's day care centers, care for these children, aged birth to 6.

We make sure to provide them with an educational solution that is warm, safe, and loving, to rehabilitate and strengthen them after the harsh traumas they experienced on their way here.

We invite you to visit Unitaf, where you can have a peek beyond the closed door into the heart of the foreign community, to hear its story, and mainly – to hear the story of its children.

We have gained much theoretical and important practical knowledge at Unitaf, on the topics of educational and care giving in multicultural environments. This knowledge is the product of an integration of our unique work model and the great deal of practical experience we have acquired as professionals during our years of work in a varied and challenging cultural environment. This knowledge has much practical value for educators and therapists, who encounter difference, otherness, and the unfamiliar in their own work.


Visits and lectures at Unitaf can be arranged for a fee and with advance coordination for individuals and organized groups.


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Come visit us

September 12, 2014

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