Looking to the Future: Summer Camp, New Tax Law, and More!

June 12, 2017

Summer is almost here and our summer camp program is getting underway... and a new tax law for refugees brings its challenges to our parents. Also, the parents committee organized an Easter celebration and have started building an English library for their children.  Read on!


Draconian tax-law: The Deposit Bill is a death blow to struggling families


A new law from the Knesset went into effect May 1st of this year. Under Section 4 of the Law for Preventing Infiltrators and Ensuring Their Departure, asylum seekers must hand over 20% of their salaries and another 16% is taken from their employers. This money will go into a special fund that will be redistributed to the asylum seekers and employers only after the former have left the country. This law was created to try to force the asylum seekers to voluntarily leave Israel.


This law is already crushing Unitaf families, and single moms in particular, who are struggling to make ends meet. It's important to note that this new tax is in addition to the Income Tax currently levied.  Unitaf is doing our best to try to change this law.



Summer Camp is almost here...help our single-moms


When kindergartens close for the summer, our after-school program runs our excellent all-day summer camp program, providing fun and enriching activities,  4 nutritious meals, high quality care and social services.


Despite our best efforts to keep costs low, some parents cannot afford the cost. Struggling parents, mainly single moms, are accustomed to paying only for after-school and receiving free education in the morning cannot afford to pay for a full day, along with the strain due to the new deposit law. As a result, single parent families with limited resources may choose pirate nurseries over our safe frameworks.


We don't want not to lose a single child to the pirate nurseries. We have 10 families who are in need of our help.  Just 6,500 NIS ($1840) will make a difference for these children.  To see more on this please see our crowd funding campaign.


Donate To Our Campaign Here


An Update from the Haagmon Parent's Committee...


Thomas A. Edison once said, "I find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success". The Haagmon Parent's Committee had two goals for the past two months. And in April and May of this year, the Haagmon Parent's Committee found great pleasure in seeing their hard work pay off. 


The first goal of the parents was to celebrate Easter and Fasika in April. Fasika is the Tigrinya word for Easter in the Orthodox Church. The parents threw a party to commemorate the special event and prayed together in both English and Tigrinya*, which are both languages spoken in Unitaf's Gan. They sang and danced and it was a very special and happy moment for the parents. 


*Tigrinya is one of the main languages spoken by Eritreans




Building an English Library...


The Parents' Committee undertook the project of creating an English library for their children since the official language of Unitaf is English. Having a library means that parents can check out books and enjoy the privilege of reading bedtime stories to their children.


Thanks to our wonderful supporter Sara Caine Kornfeld, who upon hearing our request, undertook to collect hundreds of books and have them shipped to us. Thank you to Second Star to the Right of Denver, Colorado, for donating so many books, and to our partners at the Tel-Aviv Foundation for taking care of the shipping from NYC. We also want to thank Temple Israel of Greater Miami and Harke, Clasby, Bushman, LLP for donating and shipping books. 


A big thanks also goes to Hillel at Florida State University for donating money to be used for books and Orit Evven Chen from Reut School in Rishon Letzion for donating books. The Haagmon Parent's Committee and all of Unitaf's Children would like to thank these kind donors for their generosity. The parents are even translating the English books into Tigrinya to maintain a cultural connection to Eritrea. 




Our Development Intern, Paulina Litter, has beenworking hard on gathering books and/or monetary donations to build our library. If you are interested in helping out please get in contact with her at paulina.litter@gmail.com











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