New Year Newsletter

October 10, 2018

  A new school year has begun, accompanied by much fun. With it comes change, for some it may feel strange. But, this year Unitaf is proud to declare that we have over 1000 children under our care.

How Many Children?!

Are there one?

Are there two?

Are there three?

This year we have the most children in our frameworks since being founded over a decade ago!

We have 1258 babies, toddlers and children under our care. There are 24 after school centers, 13 day cares and nine home nurseries.          Of course, our fantastic unitafic staff  makes sure these children are getting everything they need for a happy and healthy childhood. Hurrah!

What has happened?

What's to come?

 The past year was a political roller coaster for the foreign community. “Holot Detention Center” for people crossing the Sinai Peninsula into Israel closed after four years of running. Planned deportations were on the verge of taking place. Unitaf participated in emotional demonstrations and prepared accordingly for what might come and what took place.


Luckily, our worst fears never came true; instead our Unitaf family grew, became stronger and reinforced our values of mutual love, respect and responsibility.


This year we are planning to grow: personal growth, team growth, watch the children get smarter and bigger and expand our frameworks.

Humans of Unitaf

"I have been working at Unitaf for almost two and a half years. I gave birth to my kids here (Israel), four children. Two of them grew up in babysitters, I didn’t know this place existed. When I started to work here I brought two of my children. I saw the way my older two were  grew up versus now. There is a very big difference. Because of what? Because Unitaf’s nurseries really brings order into our lives, in our kids lives. Everyone has a routine, eats well. One women taking care of six children."

Yerus, 32, home nurseries





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