Social Services

Putting the child and his family well-being at the center, providing social care and assistance in vary life aspects.

The circumstances of the lives of the migrants and refugees make them susceptible to crises and social difficulties.  Without extended families or support frameworks, social services become a safety net for the children and the members of their families.  In Unitaf, social services are accessible to every family.  Our frameworks are managed and followed up by social workers and female therapists who consider the therapeutic paradigm to be a priority.  Their goal is to support and follow up on the children and their families and improve their situation.


Social work in Unitaf is varied and provides a solution in any number of domains: material assistance, emotional follow up, finding out and taking advantage of rights, access to services, treatment in crisis or in traumatic situations, etc.  Unitaf’s social workers have experience in multi-cultural work and provide solutions that are sensitive to and suitable for the various cultures.  The work of the social work team with the Unitaf staff is just as important:  over 40 female migrants and asylum seekers who themselves constitute a target population that requires intervention and empowerment.


Unitaf has a long tradition of including students in an internship period in the areas of therapy and social work.  We are proud of our student staff and the added value that they bring to the organization every year.