It takes a village
to raise a child,
We are the Village.

We believe that every child deserves a safe, healthy, and happy childhood. Unitaf has been working towards this goal since 2005.


Hi, nice to meet you!

We’re a community-based organisation that works with refugee and status-less women to provide early childhood programs for the status-less community living in Israel. 


Our programs are owned and operated by teachers and staff from the foreign community, with guidance from expert Israeli staff.


1,400 Children
receive care within
Unitaf programs.

480 At-Risk Families
receive social services
and support.


47 Programs
operate according to 3  models: daycares, nurseries, and after-school programs.

170 Parents
participate in parent committees and training groups each year.

130 Women
from the foreign community work under the Unitaf model.


Protecting the rights of children, regardless of status.

Today, over 7,200 status-less children under the age of 6 live in Israel. These children are labeled as “status-less” since they have no official citizenship status in Israel.
They are invisible. 

Without status, these children lack access to subsidized public daycares, and instead rely on makeshift community nurseries, known as “Children Warehouses”.

These warehouses run unsupervised, and operate under extremely negligible conditions: rundown apartments, overcrowding, substandard safety measures, bad nutrition, lack of human touch and therapeutic care.


We work with the status-less and refugee community to create safer childcare solutions, and provide children with the childhood they deserve.