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We work to ensure that each child has the right to a safe and healthy early education.

Research shows that children who receive preschool education start formal schooling with higher school readiness and attain higher academic achievement. Our programs and services are children centerd.

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We create early childhood programs with caregivers
from the community.

All Unitaf programs are women-owned businesses - and are run by women from the foreign community. They  operate in accordance to Israel’s child care standards, provide children and families with psychosocial guidance and care, and ensure educational standards are met by providing weekly training and guidance to caregivers.

Programs operate under three different models:


We train and support status-less women as caregivers and early childhood educators.

  • Caregivers are provided with ongoing, on-the-job training by educational guides, on the subject of early education and are provided with tools to create and maintain a rich educational environment.

  • Group trainings on special subjects are co-lead by educational guides and caregivers, and educate caregivers on subjects such as: mindfulness in the classroom, preparing for the first grade, and special education.


We strengthen mothers and fathers through programs and guidance.

Each Unitaf program is accompanied by a Social Worker who supports children and their families with social services and therapy.

We provide various parenting programs throughout the year to support parents in their parenting roles, raise awareness on child development, and strengthen their communication with their children.

We work with community leaders to advance important issues and strengthen community resilience.


We advance the rights of status-less children by lobbying institutions and officials.

Our staff works tirelessly to improve the rights of status-less children living in Israel. We advocate for increased attention and resources to be invested in children.

In 2015, following several deaths of infants at Pirate Daycares, our staff advocated policy makers and urged them to take action. As a result, government decision 2487 passed into law and allocated support and care services to status-less infants and toddlers in Israel. 

Our work is far from over. Status-less children remain in a legal limbo and lack basic rights, such as the right to healthcare and government services.

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