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Who is a status-less child?

A child born to Asylum Seeker parents, or undocumented parents, is labeled as status-less. This child has no Israeli ID number, and lacks rights and protections from the Israeli state.

Their parents - asylum seekers and immigrants - are in a constant battle for survival and must work long hours to stay afloat.

Lacking any other suitable alternative, these children spend most of their day in pirate nurseries that were established by the community, also known as: Children Warehouses, due to their unsuitable conditions.

Video credit: Mesila

These warehouses run unsupervised and operate under extremely negligible conditions: rundown apartments, overcrowding, substandard safety measures, bad nutrition, lack of human touch, and therapeutic care. These children spend their time in conditions that lead to extreme states of harm and neglect and don’t receive proper physical or educational care.

We work tirelessly to end this phenomenon and to provide children with the proper care they deserve.

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