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Improving literacy among children - one word at a time.

Cold, dog, grandmother, rug, flower, girl, balloon, cat, angry - all new words that the toddlers acquired in Unitaf as part of the "Story Hour" literacy program, lead by the national service girls.

In regular bi-weekly sessions, in small groups, the classic children's books were read and acted in our various programs. The activity was instructive and experiential, the children looked forward to the sessions and enjoyed using the new words they acquired during the program.

The process of language acquisition is a topic that preoccupies us at Unitaf many. In our educational frameworks, we pride ourselves on our diversity, but most educators do not speak to the children in their mother tongue, which of course affects the correctness of the language.

The "Story Hour" program was created with the aim of promoting literacy skills in early childhood.

Thanks to the wonderful partners who made the program possible!

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